Look on the Bright Side


This ones for everyone who doesn’t like the winter.

I love winter. It’s visually my favourite season, but also just on a deep personal level my favourite type of day that can happen any time of year is the day proceeding a horrible cold snap, snowy and cloudy and cold for days on end and then one morning the sun pokes out, warms the world up to a nice crisp -5’C and then you can go exploring the wonders that were covered in ice and snow.

Last winter was the warmest, driest, most disappointing dud of a winter I ever remember. So far this year (in Alberta) we’ve been having the worst indian summer. Most people probably picture Canada in a stereotypical way consisting of mounds of snow everywhere with us all huddled up in our igloos fending off our cariboo meat from polar bears. Truth is, especially here in western Alberta where we get Chinooks, we’re lucky to have snow on the ground all winter long without it periodically melting every few weeks.

I took this picture 2 days ago during my lunch break. The white on the trees is called Hoar Frost, which is just frost that crystallizes on hard surfaces when it’s humid and foggy. Generally as soon as the sun comes out the frost starts melting, and does so extremely fast, sometimes a matter of minutes. It’s very lucky to get a hoar frost photograph that is sun-lit with blue sky. Generally frosty pictures consist of a foggy grey background, so whenever I can capture something like this i’m stoked. The sun was only periodically lighting up these trees for a few seconds every 20 minutes or so, peeking out from the low laying clouds that were behind me.

Yesterday we got snow and most people aren’t happy about it. Well, instead of complaining about things you cant control (and should expect anyway, this IS still Canada damnit!) just bundle up and go outside instead of sitting around inside and see this season for what it really is, the most beautiful of them all!

Lance Edwards-Hampton


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