Tired, Cold, and Scared


The first of two good Milky Way shots I got at Crimson Lake last night. Not to make it sound like I spent 6 hours alone in the woods at night and only got 2 good photos, I have a dozen or so good ones, but half of them look a lot like this one and the other half are super close to the other one I’m going to post, so there’s only really a point in posting the best two.

Also did some light painting, and will most likely be posting the best of that effort before even my next milky way shot.

I have no idea what the super bright blue star is just below the exact center of the photo, but it’s in a lot of my photos from last night and I wish I had used that Skyview app to check. I generally don’t think about things like that while out looking at the sky or taking photos, and try hard to not ever look at my phone because the lights from it will make my eyes have to re-adjust to the darkness.

If you’re a new photographer, or in general an adventurer who’s just starting to get out into the country at night, I have a piece of advice that at first seems counter-intuitive but will soon prove to be valuable; If you’re walking around in the dark, out for a night hike, looking for something to photograph ect. DO NOT USE A FLASHLIGHT. Just let your eyes adjust and after 5 minutes or so of gazing into the darkness you’ll soon find you can see better and further than you could with any light. I always have a flashlight handy that I can flick on at a moments notice if I hear something and want to make sure there’s no hungry eyes looking back at me, but for the most part I try never turning it on. Same goes with looking at a phone, just don’t do it. I also try to look at the playback on my camera as little as possible, even though your playback screen while taking night photos is dark (because the pictures are dark) it’s still slightly brighter than the world around you and as such messes up your night vision.

Lance Edwards-Hampton


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