Crimson Lake


Took off to Crimson Lake just North-West of Rocky Mountain House after work yesterday to do some astro-photography. It has been super high on my list of places to scout out for star gazing for a long time now, and with no moon and forecasted clear skies for last night, was my best chance of not wasting my time and money to make it out there.

I left work early, packed my jeep and took off. I got to the lake around 3:30pm which was great because I still had lots of daylight left to do some exploring. Really glad I got there so early because had it been dark upon my arrival I most likely wouldn’t have found this dock, which ended up being my base for several hours.

Was somewhat disappointed to find out that I could still pick up the lights from Drayton Valley which is 100kms to the north, and Edmonton which is 200kms to the North-East on my camera while photographing the lake.  I don’t feel like trying to explain why, but I also couldn’t capture the Milky-Way over top the lake, so didn’t end up getting any spectacular shots of the lake itself. I did however spend a good three hours sitting out on this dock just staring at the stars. It was quite comforting being out on the water away from the forest at night because I felt like nothing could sneak up on me out of the darkness.

Although the lake didn’t work out photographically for me last night, I think it would be a GREAT spot to watch Northern Lights, or just take a girl out with a blanket and some warm beverages to look at the sky. Definitely not a “dud” of a location even if it didn’t meet my expectations, but is still a winner for the simple fact it’s less than 2 hours away.

After several hours on the dock/lake not getting any great shots, I decided I’d have to go play around in the forest if I was going to come away from this trip with any good sky photos. So, for the next 3 or so hours I walked around in the pitch black woods by myself with my camera trying to come away with something worthy of the gas I had to use my Visa to buy. Pictures of that to follow.

Lance Edwards-Hampton


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