Bighorn Sheep Ewes.

My title means two things. 1-sheep go bah. 2-“Bah” is a slang phrase used to denote boredom.

I have thousands of pictures of Bighorn Sheep. I’d be more excited if there was a Ram or a Lamb in here somewhere. I actually have some pretty good shots of both Bighorn sheep Rams and Lambs. You should go look for them. I just like the fall colors and the building in this photo.

I hear people call these Mountain Goats all the time. These are not goats. Mountain goats are white, and you will probably not see one beside a highway, or ever, for that matter. There’s a salt lick along the Icefields Parkway where you might see Mountain Goats, but that’s only slightly better than a zoo in my opinion and I don’t think counts as a true sighting. Not to mention it attracts the elusive alpine critters down from their safe rocky ledges to open forested areas where predators may be roaming.

Lance Edwards-Hampton


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