Was cooking some steak and potatoes on the the barbecue last night, watching the sun start to go down and decided there was probably going to be a nice sunset and I should be out with my camera somewhere.

Cranked up the heat to speed up the process and 5 minutes later I was bringing my food inside, grabbing my camera and tri-pod and heading back out the door.

Made it to the outskirts of town, pulled over, grabbed my camera and tri-pod and literally ran over to these trees to snap some pics. Had about 30 seconds (not exaggerating) to shoot these beauties before the sun went down below the horizon and what was a glowing gold wonderland seconds before turned into a sad looking dead brown/orange color without the glorious suns rays shining onto the leaves. Didn’t even have time to unzip my tri-pod case.

Within the past 5 days I’ve been to the mountains twice, driven hundreds of kms and hiked almost 20 in search of the perfect autumn photo. Both times, although it was nice, I was thwarted by over-cast skies to get a maginificent photograph of the color here in Alberta.

Will have pictures of my latest mountain adventure in search of golden larches soon, but for now here’s this as a reminder that you don’t need to go on some grand excursion in search of the perfect photo, sometimes all you need is to follow your gut and head into the country (or city park) for 10 minutes at the perfect time of day.

Lance Edwards-Hampton


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