Few and Far between


Places like this are actually somewhat few and far between around here.

Sure there’s lots of aspen stands, but I figure if it wouldn’t make a great photo when everything was green, then just because there’s some yellow and orange added in doesn’t all of a sudden make it a great location. You’ve gotta search and search and search some more to try getting a nice autumn photo here in southern Alberta. Suppose it makes actually capturing one all that more rewarding when you actually do though.

This would have been a whole lot nicer had the sun popped out for me when photographing, but i’m still pretty happy I ended up here at the right time to capture this.

Heading into the backcountry on Sunday to try finding some Larches. Larch don’t do well in a spruce dominated forest because they need more sun than the spruce, so the shade of other trees actually inhibits the growth of the larch. Because of this the deciduous conifer only does well and can be seen in large stands at higher altitudes this far south, still, with my hiking boots, camera in hand a few clif bars in my bad I’m pretty determined to go find some. Wish me luck.

Lance Edwards-Hampton


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