Federal Grain Limited


This here is a grain elevator.

Although I like most old dilapidated elevators in general, this one really caught my attention because it’s a “Federal Grain Limited” elevator, which I had never seen before.

Upon Googling Federal Grain I learned that it used to be the largest elevator company in Canada until it disbanded in 1972. That means this elevator has been standing for a very minimum of 44 years, and that’s only if it was build in the last year the company existed, although I suspect it’s much, much older than that.

I’m going to try finding more info on this elevator, but to be honest I have no idea where I took this picture and (without putting too much effort into it yet) cannot figure out exactly where it was. I think it’s by Yorkton, Saskatchewan but even searching all the near by towns and hamlets can’t find this exact elevator. I know it’s NE of Regina somewhere along highway 10 so I’ll find it eventually. I took this picture almost a month ago, so now kinda wish I had wrote down exactly where I was at the time.

Interestingly if you google “Federal grain Elevator” this exact one shows up in a few photos, but they’re on Pinterest and don’t offer any info about it. (or maybe they do and I just don’t know anything about pinterest). Either way the photos of this that I’ve found on the internet aren’t terribly old, and even in them it seems to be in slightly better shape than in my photo. The roof that’s visibly sagging in my photo is straight in the other photos.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time I find myself near the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border in this exact spot, there’s going to be nothing left but farmers field. Pretty glad I got it when I did, because I suspect there isn’t many of these left out there.

Lance Edwards-Hampton


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