Because Jeep


Generally speaking there are two ways to reach high altitude locations in the Canadian Rockies that exceed the tree line.

One consists of hours of grueling hiking (the best way) and the other is one of the many boring gondola rides that take you to the top of a mountain with hundreds of fat lazy tourists with big cameras that they don’t actually know how to use.

For rich people there’s probably helicopters, but for us regular folk there’s also a lesser known third way, driving!

Unknown to almost all of even the most adventurous people around, there are indeed a few places you can legally take the right vehicle to insane elevations. I’m not going to specify where, because 1-without a detailed map you’re not going to find it anyway, and 2-despite the fact I’m posting a picture of my Jeep in a meadow above the treeline on a mountain, I actually care a lot about the environment and preservation and the thought of a bunch of guys heading into the back-country with jacked up trucks, trying to get them on top of a mountain tearing up the ground, isn’t exactly something I want to put into the world.

Sure is fun though.

Lance Edwards-Hampton


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