Why does everything need a title?


Working like crazy to wrap up both weddings and an engagement shoot I’ve been working on, which are all going to be done at roughly the same time later this week.

I remember years ago I’d work on a project for hours and hours, then all of a sudden look back and decide I hated everything I had just done (sometimes entire shoots) and start over from scratch.

Now I can tell when I’m starting to go squirrely and need to take a step back from client shots and do some fine art to reset my judgement. Although I do try to pick a few pictures from every client shoot to spend extra time on, and try turning into works of art in their own right, I always have found it more relaxing to do print work. Not that I don’t love taking pictures of people, but the fact that I get paid for it makes it an obligation as apposed to this type of thing that I do simply because I love doing so.

I am a professional photographer, who also does photography as a hobby.

Anywho, this here’s a picture of a mystical looking bridge Dani and I found on a short trail in Glacier National Park in BC. We actually walked right over it during the beginning of the trail and had no idea the beauty we were walking on top of, until finishing the trail and thankfully taking a different way back than we came.

Here’s me in front of said cool bridge, because who doesnt’t like having cool pictures of themselves? haha.  Well back to real work I go….


Lance Edwards-Hampton


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