Pika Pika


This here’s a Pika. A small mammal most closely related to a rabbit, that lives in high altitudes in mountainous regions of North America, usually above the tree line or in boulder fields.

The photo above was taken near Chester Lake in Kananaskis Country, Alberta. There were two of them running around and I had the pleasure of watching them for a solid 45 minutes. I didn’t know what they were at first as I had never heard of a Pika, although I’ve definitely heard them yelling at me while high in the mountains before.

The next photo was taken 4 days later in Glacier National Park, British Columbia. I thought it was quite neat that I had just learned of a new animal and got lucky enough to capture some decent shots of it, and then less than a week later hundreds of kilometers away saw and captured one again.


Ever since this Pokemon crap came out I’ve been joking with Dani that i’ve been out trying to capture pokemon with my camera for years. Chasing small animals around hoping I can get them in just the right place in just the right light. Maybe if everyone looked up from their phones more often, they’d realize there’s real life little critters running around them all the time, Although for the critters sake I think it might actually be better if a lot of people have no idea they’re even there. Two more posts of little critters coming right up.

Here’s another one of the ones I captured in Alberta, just because.


Lance Edwards-Hampton


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