Hiding Place


Was in Manitoba last weekend.

Nearing the end of the trip I started feeling shitty about not finding a single snake or lizard or any other cool cold blooded critter anywhere. Then, as I’m getting ready to leave, packing up my tent I notice that under my tent there’s something small and reptilian looking.

Thought it was a small coiled snake at first, until poking it a bit and seeing some tiny feet. After realizing it was a salamander I tried picking it up, and had my heart sink when it didn’t move at all even after being handled. I thought for sure that I must have stepped on it at some point since it was hiding right under where I was walking around getting dressed and such in my tent. Then, a few minutes later it slowly started coming back to life. Was a cold morning so must have just taken a long time to get the energy to wake up.

Of course having a sluggish amphibian in my hands, I took the opportunity to try finding some cool places to set him down and snap some pics! Tried a few things and had him for a good 10 mins before he was fully aware and awake so I put him down and let him scurry off under some logs, probably going off to tell all his buddies about the horrible giant that stole his hiding spot that morning.

Lance Edwards-Hampton


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