European Black Slug


Nope, not a Banana Slug.

Potentially even an enemy to the banana Slug, an invasive species from, you guessed it, Europe!

Had a bunch of shit planned to write about this picture, but after learning it’s an invasive species none of it is applicable anymore. Actually was going to use this picture to officially check Mount Revelstoke National Park off my National Park adventure list, but think I’ll find another one to use now haha.

Still a neat little thing! We played with them for quite a while. Saw quite a few of them in both Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks in BC.

Aside from a small crop, I didn’t edit this picture at all. I tried, but nothing I did improved it at all so decided to just post it as is. When nature gives ya crazy ass lighting may as well just roll with it I guess.

Lance Edwards-Hampton


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