Moraine After Dark


This was a good hour after sunset in the beginning of August.

Hadn’t planned on going to Moraine Lake, but was coming home from BC and figured why not?! It’s a 2 hour drive from where I live so I don’t get too many chances to grab some shots of the world famous lake.

Although I very much enjoyed the fact there wasn’t hoards of people everywhere this late at night, I’m not huge on the lighting in this picture. Too dark to get nice detail and colour, but not dark enough to get a night time scene with stars and such.

I don’t forsee me ever wanting to go to Moraine Lake in the summer on a nice day, and during most summer months it doesn’t get dark enough (we simply don’t have an Astronomical Dusk in the middle of summer here) but after taking this and now wanting a really nice night time shot of this place I think I’ll be heading back in the middle of the night this fall.

Lance Edwards-Hampton



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