Larch Hills


Went to Vernon last weekend  (different trip than to Revelstoke earlier this month) to learn how to preserve some salmon. Also wanted to go swimming in a nice warm clean lake, which we don’t have many of here in Alberta.

Didn’t take many pictures because I was too busy most of the time, but before leaving figured can’t come all the way to interior BC without getting at least one cool picture. Drove around to a couple different wineries looking for a cool vine-yard to snap a pic of. The first few weren’t very photogenic, but after a long beautiful drive in the country pulled up to Larch Hills Winery and knew I’d finally gotten the picture I wanted.

Definitely want to come back to the Okanagan and spend more than one night so I can actually explore around more and take some pictures. Added to the list (booklet) of shit I want to do I guess haha.

Next weekend is Manitoba!

As soon as I’m done all these wedding pictures I’ll be able to go through and post some of my photos from this summer. There’s some gooders…

Lance Edwards-Hampton


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