3 Valley Gap

Took a week off work.

Kickstarted our mini vacation by shooting a beautiful wedding on Saturday.

Sunday I hiked up to Chester Lake, Kananaskis to do some backcountry fishing with my brother. I can only fish for maybe 20 minutes at a time before I get bored and sidetracked, so ended up spending most of my time chasing a Pika around and climbing about looking for things to get pictures of.

Monday morning Dani and I took off west headed for 3 Valley Gap for 2 nights. Have driven by it so many times on the Trans-Canada and always wanted to stay, so figured this vacation time was as good a time as any to spend in the beautiful roadside attraction.


This is the view of the rest of the hotel, from our hotel room on the 4th floor. There’s actually a lake behind me in the other direction that I surprisingly didn’t get many pictures of. Guess as an adventure photographer who spends a lot of time looking at and photographing beautiful scenery, the view of the hotel was just more interesting to me than the view of the lake and mountains the other way.

Here’s another angle of the hotel from the gardens.


We spent most of our time away from the hotel trying to take in as many hikes as possible. I think we completed 12 (small hikes) in the three days we were there. Also took in a museum, the Pipe Mountain Coaster and the Heritage Ghost Town which is adjacent to our hotel. Most of our 12 hikes were in Mount Revelstoke National Park, so I think I can check off another park on my quest to adventure in every single one of Canada’s National parks. We did 3 hikes in Glacier National Park as well, but all three combined were under two hours of hiking so I’m not sure yet if I’m going to justify it as an “adventure” in the park.

The rest of my vacation will be spent working on wedding pictures since I now have two wedding packages to wrap up. Will be procrastinating working on wedding pictures by working on my own travel/adventure pictures that have been building up all summer, and now my many hundreds of vacation pictures. Also have a booth at the Farmers Market this afternoon and no shortage of yard/house work to get done, so am wraping this blog post up now!

Lance Edwards-Hampton


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