St Michaels

Went to the family farm by Roblin, Manitoba last weekend for my second cousin’s wedding. Used to go out every summer as a child and spend time with family, but haven’t made it out in years (14, actually).

Was really crazy walking around and remembering in great detail things I haven’t seen in half a lifetime. Most notably my great grandma’s old homestead that now sits vacant, and the family church located just up the road. Could spend half a day sitting here typing about old memories that came flooding back, but I’m not going to do that now.

I’m really kicking myself for not taking the opportunity to set everyone who was there up for a nice family photo. Getting extended family together isn’t exactly something that happens very often, and even if I make a trip back out there next summer to show Dani the place where my family is from, not everyone will be there. Guess I’m just going to have to start planning a reunion of some sort so I can get my shot. summer 2018 everyone? haha.

st michaels 3

Although I didn’t take many pictures of my actual family, I did get lots of the family church. I am related too and know people of almost every last name in the cemetery. The two featured in the photo above are my great grandmother and great grandfather on the right, and my great uncle on the left. I never met my great grandfather, but have countless memories of my great grandmother Betty and my great uncle Myron.

I have walked around here many times as a child, but this was my first time as an adult. It was fascinating walking around the plots reading all the names and dated. Especially the older ones of 100 years or more that were written in Ukrainian and hand carved into the stone with a hammer and chisel.


Lance Edwards-Hampton


Larch Hills


Went to Vernon last weekend  (different trip than to Revelstoke earlier this month) to learn how to preserve some salmon. Also wanted to go swimming in a nice warm clean lake, which we don’t have many of here in Alberta.

Didn’t take many pictures because I was too busy most of the time, but before leaving figured can’t come all the way to interior BC without getting at least one cool picture. Drove around to a couple different wineries looking for a cool vine-yard to snap a pic of. The first few weren’t very photogenic, but after a long beautiful drive in the country pulled up to Larch Hills Winery and knew I’d finally gotten the picture I wanted.

Definitely want to come back to the Okanagan and spend more than one night so I can actually explore around more and take some pictures. Added to the list (booklet) of shit I want to do I guess haha.

Next weekend is Manitoba!

As soon as I’m done all these wedding pictures I’ll be able to go through and post some of my photos from this summer. There’s some gooders…

Lance Edwards-Hampton

Moraine After Dark


This was a good hour after sunset in the beginning of August.

Hadn’t planned on going to Moraine Lake, but was coming home from BC and figured why not?! It’s a 2 hour drive from where I live so I don’t get too many chances to grab some shots of the world famous lake.

Although I very much enjoyed the fact there wasn’t hoards of people everywhere this late at night, I’m not huge on the lighting in this picture. Too dark to get nice detail and colour, but not dark enough to get a night time scene with stars and such.

I don’t forsee me ever wanting to go to Moraine Lake in the summer on a nice day, and during most summer months it doesn’t get dark enough (we simply don’t have an Astronomical Dusk in the middle of summer here) but after taking this and now wanting a really nice night time shot of this place I think I’ll be heading back in the middle of the night this fall.

Lance Edwards-Hampton


3 Valley Gap

Took a week off work.

Kickstarted our mini vacation by shooting a beautiful wedding on Saturday.

Sunday I hiked up to Chester Lake, Kananaskis to do some backcountry fishing with my brother. I can only fish for maybe 20 minutes at a time before I get bored and sidetracked, so ended up spending most of my time chasing a Pika around and climbing about looking for things to get pictures of.

Monday morning Dani and I took off west headed for 3 Valley Gap for 2 nights. Have driven by it so many times on the Trans-Canada and always wanted to stay, so figured this vacation time was as good a time as any to spend in the beautiful roadside attraction.


This is the view of the rest of the hotel, from our hotel room on the 4th floor. There’s actually a lake behind me in the other direction that I surprisingly didn’t get many pictures of. Guess as an adventure photographer who spends a lot of time looking at and photographing beautiful scenery, the view of the hotel was just more interesting to me than the view of the lake and mountains the other way.

Here’s another angle of the hotel from the gardens.


We spent most of our time away from the hotel trying to take in as many hikes as possible. I think we completed 12 (small hikes) in the three days we were there. Also took in a museum, the Pipe Mountain Coaster and the Heritage Ghost Town which is adjacent to our hotel. Most of our 12 hikes were in Mount Revelstoke National Park, so I think I can check off another park on my quest to adventure in every single one of Canada’s National parks. We did 3 hikes in Glacier National Park as well, but all three combined were under two hours of hiking so I’m not sure yet if I’m going to justify it as an “adventure” in the park.

The rest of my vacation will be spent working on wedding pictures since I now have two wedding packages to wrap up. Will be procrastinating working on wedding pictures by working on my own travel/adventure pictures that have been building up all summer, and now my many hundreds of vacation pictures. Also have a booth at the Farmers Market this afternoon and no shortage of yard/house work to get done, so am wraping this blog post up now!

Lance Edwards-Hampton



Congrats you guys!

Here’s your sneak peek to your sneak peek.

I know you don’t prefer set-up type photos to candid ones, but hopefully this makes the cut haha. I haven’t even had a chance to look through your shots yet, this is just one I knew before uploading that I wanted to make so was an easy choice to give you something to look at quick. Will have more Thursday or Friday!

*disclaimer to anyone else reading* Yes I photoshopped in this lightening because I thought it would make a badass wedding photo, but I would NEVER cheat on a landscape/weather shot by photoshopping in something that I didn’t actually capture.

Lance Edwards-Hampton