Bright-Ass Rainbow


Saw one of the brightest rainbows I’ve ever seen last night. Top 5 for sure. Chased it east for a good 15kms before the sun to the west went behind some clouds and killed the light needed to create this beauty.

Little known fact of rainbows, ALL rainbows are “double rainbows”. It’s just part of the optics. If it doesn’t look like a double rainbow to you, then the second one is probably just extremely faint, so look a little harder. Also, the outer rainbow is always inverted, so in the brighter inside part of the rainbow the red is always the top layer,  on the fainter outer bow the red is always on the inside. The sky also always appears to be brighter inside the main bow than outside of it.


After continuing east as it was starting to fade away, came across this beautiful old pump jack. Although only 10 mins east of town I’ve never noticed it before. I very rarely go east in search of photos, so thinking I might have to journey this way more if this great subject is right off the main road. Who knows what else is out there!

After the rainbow was completely gone I photographed the pump jack for a while, then the sun popped back out right as I was leaving so turned around and got it again with some nice evening light lighting it up. Just another spot on my radar that I haven’t over-used yet.


Lance Edwards-Hampton


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