Tail End


Was sitting on my couch watching some show about tornadoes on Netflix, when Dani said we should go out and look at some real ones, so into the Jeep we went.

There was a pretty cool storm to the North. Didn’t seem overly threatening, nor did it have much lightening to try and capture but was nice to just park and watch it go by. Living in Crossfield we generally get lucky with the storms. We sit at a higher elevation than most of out surroundings and tend to have storms pass us by just to the North or just to the South, which makes for some good viewing.


After watching the storm sail on by, we figured it was still a beautiful evening and may as well drive around more to see what we could, and do some rainbow hunting. I actually struggled to capture this one. Nothing I did seemed to make a very good picture, and I’m still not terribly happy with this shot considering how much better it looked in person.

One thing about Alberta summers is the sky. Almost every night and morning (if you feel like staying up that late or getting up crazy early) we have a crazy sky to watch. Here’s the sunset over one of my go-to places. I got a really nice photo of something else when we were out too, but figure it needs its own post so keep watch for my next one.


Lance Edwards-Hampton



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