Bill Milne with my parents


Took my parents down the Bill Milne trail. I’ve been down it enough times now that I didn’t stop to photograph the surrounding mountains. Would have to put a lot of effort into trying to capture something extraordinary instead of just adding more mediocre photos to the thousands I already have of this area, so figured I’d just enjoy the day with my mom and dad.

This was several weeks ago now. Since getting rid of social media I find I’m in much less of a hurry to share things as they happen. I have quite a few more adventures regarding the crazy Alberta weather we’ve been having these past few weeks to post as well.

Was really proud of them for completing the entire trail. Sometimes I forget that after years of cycling for myself, things I consider to be easy or a ‘walk in the park’ might not seem so easy to other people who don’t do it as often, but they made it all the way!

I know I just finished saying I didn’t try to get any photos of the surrounding landscapes, but that doesn’t mean I wont take advantage of an opportunity to grab some nature pics if it pretty much walks right up into our laps! I very rarely come away from an adventure without at least one photo to add to the ol’ portfolio, so here’s this little chipmunk that gave us some entertainment while we were picnicking at Wedge Pond.

Anyway, it’s late and no one is going to be reading this anyway except for people I show it too later, so here’s one last pic of my parents peddling down the trail before I wrap this up!


Lance Edwards-Hampton



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