Bright-Ass Rainbow


Saw one of the brightest rainbows I’ve ever seen last night. Top 5 for sure. Chased it east for a good 15kms before the sun to the west went behind some clouds and killed the light needed to create this beauty.

Little known fact of rainbows, ALL rainbows are “double rainbows”. It’s just part of the optics. If it doesn’t look like a double rainbow to you, then the second one is probably just extremely faint, so look a little harder. Also, the outer rainbow is always inverted, so in the brighter inside part of the rainbow the red is always the top layer,  on the fainter outer bow the red is always on the inside. The sky also always appears to be brighter inside the main bow than outside of it.


After continuing east as it was starting to fade away, came across this beautiful old pump jack. Although only 10 mins east of town I’ve never noticed it before. I very rarely go east in search of photos, so thinking I might have to journey this way more if this great subject is right off the main road. Who knows what else is out there!

After the rainbow was completely gone I photographed the pump jack for a while, then the sun popped back out right as I was leaving so turned around and got it again with some nice evening light lighting it up. Just another spot on my radar that I haven’t over-used yet.


Lance Edwards-Hampton


For Matt and Shy


Some pictures to look at!

Shot a beautiful wedding for good friends on Saturday. had some pretty harsh mid-day sunlight to contend with for formals, but considering the weather we’ve been having here in Alberta lately I’ll take that over the alternative of torrential downpours (or worse) any day.

Will be having a good time working on all these. Even just quickly going through them so far I’ve had a few laughs and a few sentimental moments.

Here’s a couple more sneak peeks to hold ya off until your package is ready. There’s some shots I love of the reception and ceremony but they’re not really bloggy type things, so I guess I’ll just have to hurry and get these done so I can share them all with you!


Lance Edwards-Hampton

That View Though..


Galatea Lake!

Might have been because I hadn’t eaten much for a few days prior, but actually struggled a bit with this hike. Usually something rated moderate doesn’t even get my heart going much faster than it goes at rest but a few spots on this trail had me huffing and puffing.

Definitely worth it once getting up here though!

Full story of the hike and more pictures coming soon.

Lance Edwards-Hampton



My Jeep!

I’ve had it for a little over a month now so figured it’s time to post a pic of my new wheels. It’s a manual (which I’d never before driven before buying this) so the learning curve has been pretty steep. I’m finally almost comfortable enough to plaster my logo’s and website all over it without fear of admitting it’s  me inside as I was stalling around learning to drive it.

Only been a month and we’ve already been through some great adventures together, so can only image the country and storms we have in the future. Hope you like the new Insanemobile as much as I do!

Lance Edwards-Hampton

Lightening Storm


This is a shot from one of the most intense lightening storms I’ve ever witnessed.

Was during Canada Day. Sorry for it being slightly out of focus but i’d had a few wobbly-pops by this point so wasn’t at my best. I put most of my effort into getting video of it, which I got a great one. I will be bringing my youtube account back to life just so I have somewhere to post this video.

it was non-stop lightening, more than one flash a second for a good 3 hours. Keep watch for the video! I’ll be posting a link in the comments once it’s up.

Lance Edwards-Hampton

Tail End


Was sitting on my couch watching some show about tornadoes on Netflix, when Dani said we should go out and look at some real ones, so into the Jeep we went.

There was a pretty cool storm to the North. Didn’t seem overly threatening, nor did it have much lightening to try and capture but was nice to just park and watch it go by. Living in Crossfield we generally get lucky with the storms. We sit at a higher elevation than most of out surroundings and tend to have storms pass us by just to the North or just to the South, which makes for some good viewing.


After watching the storm sail on by, we figured it was still a beautiful evening and may as well drive around more to see what we could, and do some rainbow hunting. I actually struggled to capture this one. Nothing I did seemed to make a very good picture, and I’m still not terribly happy with this shot considering how much better it looked in person.

One thing about Alberta summers is the sky. Almost every night and morning (if you feel like staying up that late or getting up crazy early) we have a crazy sky to watch. Here’s the sunset over one of my go-to places. I got a really nice photo of something else when we were out too, but figure it needs its own post so keep watch for my next one.


Lance Edwards-Hampton