Kayak test


Took the Kayak out to Eagle Lake (Alberta) last weekend. We were going out there anyway, so figured would be a good chance to test out my new kayak. Not the most scenic of places or much shoreline to go exploring in (could have paddled up to some cows lol) but due to the insanely powerful wind out there had a lot of fun paddling out into the waves and then trying to catch them on the way back.

I will definitely need to invest in a waterproof bag to hold my camera gear while kayaking. I bring my gear in canoes all the time without any sort of waterproofing, but the kayak doesn’t have nearly as much area to create a safe, dry place for it. Quick stop at an outdoor store and I’ll be ready to paddle around in the mountains with my Nikon and capture some real photos.

I did bring my GoPro with me. I didn’t attach any sort of mount to the kayak (or myself) before heading out, and because I don’t use my GoPro terribly often forgot to charge it before leaving to the lake. By the time I figured out how to paddle and hold the Gopro at the same time to capture the front of the Kayak crashing into the large waves, my GoPro died. Did manage to get a still selfie off though!


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Lance Edwards-Hampton


Storm Season Kickoff


Storm season is upon us here in Alberta!

Took off pretty late and this massive super cell was already quite far east by the time I went out after it. Could have gotten closer had I stayed on the highway for longer, but was anxious to get onto some nice gravel road and find a suitable place to photograph it before it changed too much.

I like this spot anyway, even if you don’t get the full feeling of the size of the cloud, the twisted barbed wire through the reflection is a nice touch, and I’m pretty happy with my first storm pic of 2016.

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Lance Edwards-Hampton