I think I like this picture a lot. It will take a few weeks of looking at over and over to know for sure if it’s one of my new favourites, but it’s definitely a contender.  No cool story behind it, which takes a few points off it in the long run. Was taken in a very front-country location right off the road leading up to Upper Kananaskis Lake. Actually passed right by the location only catching a glimpse of it without stopping. Drove a good 5kms before (with the help of Dani who also saw something) decided what the hell, may as well backtrack and try getting a good picture from the location of the momentary glimpse. Pretty glad we did! As I was sitting on the ground taking photos, every car that drove by slowed right down or stopped in anticipation that I was shooting wildlife, only to give me a weird look when they realized there wasn’t anything there except a mud covered marshy area that probably appeared pretty ugly to most people. It’s good to know not everyone can see what I see.

Every picture in this post was taken in Kananaskis last weekend (May 15th) after our photoshoot (see last post) was over. Crazy to think how beautiful out it was a mere 6 days ago considering today I’ve been periodically going outside to shake the snow off my plants and trees so they don’t buckle over under the weight. That’s may long weekend for you though, and we desperately need the moisture here in Alberta, and with the snow it will slowly soak into the ground where it’s needed instead of running over the parched landscape and into storm drains. Guess we’ll take what we can get, and now at least I don’t feel anxious for not camping or doing something fun and instead sitting in my basement in pj pants working on pictures sipping on an Irish Cream coffee. I think I’d make a good fiction writer, at the very least I look the part.

Last Christmas, being the newly house-poor people Dani and I are, I decided that instead of spending money we don’t have on a paid-for present, I’d just make her a coupon for a couples photo shoot instead! I’ve got the camera and the talent, may as well use both on my girl and try being romantic. I thought I had the perfect plan and was excited for her to see my thrifty side. Christmas day came and Dani, after ripping open my gift-wrapped, paper thin present (yes, I wrap homemade gift cards in wrapping paper instead of putting them inside hallmark cards and envelopes) she matter-of-factly states, “I think our whole life is a couples photoshoot”

She won that one. Here’s a few shots from our never ending couples photoshoot.


Very, very rarely can a mountain in and of itself make a great photo.  No matter how beautiful it is, you still need to find something in the foreground to give your photo some depth. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, if you’re in the mountains, prairies or by the sea, any grand landscape you find yourself in is nothing more than just a background to the smaller details. The next three photos are an example of this. They’re all taken in the same direction with the same mountain behind, yet they’re all completely different. When trying to compose a photo always remember to give your audience more than one thing to look at. Beautiful far away mountains are only one thing, so put your head down every now and then and scan your immediate surroundings for something to add to the photo. Can be a rock, driftwood, plant, who knows. I apparently like driftwood.


For reasons I don’t understand when I post a picture with it as the only one (the very top one) there’s no way to click on it to view it full size. Also when people share a post on social media WordPress takes a random image instead of my featured image to make as the thumbnail. Here’s the first image again but now in an album so it can be viewed full size, and hopefully also be the image selected as a share thumbnail.  One of the things about social media that pissed me off enough to delete all of them was the lack of control over everything, and now with WordPress I’m starting to have the same issues. Although I’m sure this has more to do with my lack of knowing what I’m doing.

I’ll just update my website soon. At least I can make it do whatever I want! Check it out.

Lance Edwards-Hampton



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