Kananaskis Shoot

There’s a small waterfall and wishing well on the east side of Highway 40 that I’ve never before stopped at. Drove by a million times but never had a real reason to pull over. When I suggested doing my friends engagement photos in Kananaskis and they happily agreed, I decided it would be a great location to pull over and snap some pics.

Turned out to be a GREAT place to take some family photos. Almost all of my favourite photos of the day were taken within a few steps of the same location. Ended up at Upper Kananaskis Lake and got some more good ones (my favourite of which isn’t even really a ‘family photo’ but a candid shot of them throwing rocks in the lake) and just all in all had a really good day with great people in the mountains.

I’m not going to ramble on and on for this post, I have lots of landscape shots from later in the day to write a long post about. This is just a sneak peek post for them. Next time I shoot these fantastic people they’ll be married! Congrats again you guys!

Lance Edwards-Hampton


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