Bill Milne Bike Trail

Took Dani to the Bill Milne paved bike trail in Kananaskis. Was a beautiful day to spend together on a skill level we could both enjoy. I’ve done the trail before so knew it would be a nice leisurely bike ride in the mountains. This time some was closed due to flood damage repairs, but I wont go into detail about that. There’s already bike pirate or hiking with Barry if you’re interested in a step by step description of trails.

I didn’t get anything as far as fine art photography. The area, although always spectacular is still brown with early-spring conditions. Have been to the area dozens of times and taken many many photos of the surrounding peaks, so figured I’d just save my energy for when the photographic conditions were better.

Here’s a shot of Dani and I on the trail. It’s flat for the most part (except two big hills on either side) so is a great place to take the family for a nice easy day in the mountains. I was surprised at the lack of people on it this day, it was a good 20 degrees out so I thought it would be packed, as I have seen it overly crowded in mid-summer. Bill-Milne-20162web

The lack of other people along the trail made it possible for me to have some fun though. In the middle of summer on a packed trail I definitely wouldn’t have been able to get the speed I had while peddling around. Gave Dani my camera and got her to get some shots of me cruising around. Although I do like having pictures of myself, as a photographer it would be cool to be the one behind the camera photographing other people doing crazy things.

I know other people who enjoy outdoor adventure, but not many who are on the same fitness or experience level as I am. Because of this if I ever want to do something a little more extreme or at a faster pace I’m pretty much forced to do it by myself, which is extremely hard to get action/adventure shots of.  I’d love to go out with someone else who can keep up with me, while at the same time being patient enough to stop and take some sweet action shots of our adventures. If you live in the Calgary area and have a moderate-high fitness level and hiking/scrambling/mountain biking experience then shoot me a message on my webpage e-mail and maybe we can head out into the mountains and take some sweet adventure photos.


Here’s the shot Dani got of me. I went around the corner 3 different times to try getting a sweet picture. I wanted to be going fast enough that I was on a 45 degree angle turning the corner so had to backtrack quite a bit to build up my speed. Although there are some pics of me on a 45+ degree angle around the corner I liked the composition of this one the best. Funny how that works out, three takes to try doing something and the best shot is something completely different. All the more reason I want to be the photographer, photographing someone who can do what I can do (or better!)

Lance Edwards-Hampton






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