Give Blood

Aside from the simple fact that I really like this mobile photo of my own blood rushing past my business logo, which happens to also be a tattoo on me, I think this is a good chance to write about how easy it is to give blood.

I’m not even going to type about some of the stupid responses I’ve heard while talking with people about donating blood. I honestly don’t even understand why some people are against it, unless it’s some sort of religious thing, in which case I hope those types of people wouldn’t be willing to use other peoples blood if THEY needed it in some sort of emergency. If you’re not fundamentally against modern medicine, if you would expect an ambulance to take you to a hospital and use medical resources on you in a time of need, then what’s stopping you from helping out in one of the simplest and fastest ways possible?

If you’ve never done it, let me tell you it’s extremely easy to do. There’s pop-up clinics all the time. Go to your app store, look up “give blood” or “canadian blood services” and download the free app. After you get the app it’s extremely easy to find the nearest clinic to you and make an appointment the next time they’re around.

The actual process takes less than an hour from the moment you enter the facility to the time you leave. Get in, confirm your appointment at triage. They’ll test your iron levels then you have to fill out a quick form asking you eligibility questions. A short wait after that you’ll be called into a private booth with a nurse who will ask you more questions in person, check your blood pressure and pulse and then next thing you know you’ll be in a chair getting hooked up. 15 minutes of filling up bags and you’re unhooked and eating your free cookie and juice before you’re ready to leave.

The first time I donated was because I had a morbid desire to know what it was like to be bled. After realizing it doesn’t feel like anything, I still kept going back because it made me feel good that taking an hour out of my day once every 3 months had the potential to change someones life forever.

Plus you get a cool card that has your blood type on it, and free blood tests every three months that tell you if you’ve picked up something ‘funny’ along the way 😉

Lance Edwards-Hampton



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