Winter Hiking

Dani and I went to Kananaskis to do some snowshoeing, but by the time we got there, there wasn’t any snow! After pulling onto highway 40 off the Trans Canada I was pretty disappointed at the lack of snow. Even among the trees and areas that don’t even receive any sunlight, it was brown grass as far as the eye can see. I’ve been there enough times in the spring to know that even when that area is barren, further SW would still have some, so we made our way down to Upper Kananaskis Lake.

The lake was still frozen, scattered with ice fisherman braving the insane wind blowing across the ice. The trailhead was worn down to the gravel, and past that seemed to be more ice than anything else. We decided to leave the snowshoes, strapped on our ice grips and away we went. The walk was really nice, nothing difficult or dangerous to contend with so ended up being just a nice winter hike. I didn’t take many pictures, most of my artistic attention was spent trying to film these amazing snow-tornadoes that kept forming over the ice. I’ve been trying (not succeeding) to remember to always capture at least a small amount of video on every adventure I go on. I think a years worth of 10 seconds here and 10 seconds there all stitched together I could get a pretty sweet yearly video. My vision isn’t a fast paced action type video, just a peaceful, artistic representation of the beauty of nature. Slow motion dancing auroras, waves crashing against rocks, snownadoes, that kinda thing all played to some calming classical symphony. So you’ve all got that to look forward to haha.

I went on a 50km road bike ride last February to kick off my cycling season. February. Now here we are again, in the middle of a ‘super el-nino’ and once again I feel like winter just passed us by. I for one am sick of brown grass and constant wind. Hopefully next winter we actually get a winter. I work a full time job, have a house to take care of, a girlfriend to keep happy. It’s stupid to live in Canada and have to travel for 2+ hours just to find a suitable location to go snowshoeing, but hey, the seasons is very quickly coming to an end so if I’m going to scratch this snowshoe itch I’m going to have to do just that.

These pictures below are pretty much the only still photos I took during the hike. It’s just two different takes on the same subject, an ice pyramid that broke over an old stump. It was actually quite neat and I spent a long time just enjoying looking at it, complimenting the mountain behind it. Sometimes in winter it’s hard to find a nice focal point in the foreground, snow covering most everything that can be used in the warmer months. I do not like ‘simplistic’ winter photos, so am usually  happy to take whatever kind of cool natural phenomenon comes my way to use as a subject.

Lance Edwards-Hampton


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