Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles

Went to the world famous Abraham Lake in search of methane ice bubbles, and didn’t come back disappointed! Had been there once before, but went too early in the season and the lake wasn’t frozen yet. This time the conditions were perfect.

I’ve not yet done much for winter adventure sports/activities, so walking out onto the open ice, being able too see through the few feet of ice, dozen feet of yet-to-freeze water under it all the way to the lake bed was pretty exhilarating. So clear it almost feels like your floating. The sound of ice cracking, not beneath your feet no, but giant sheets of ice shifting and cracking all over the lake, loudly, feeling the vibration of it all is one for the nerves, knowing you’re a long ways away from any sort of solid ground. Almost otherworldly.

Will definitely be going back. Could spend days exploring around this place in the winter and still wouldn’t be able to see all it has to offer, but until next time, hope you enjoy my take on the famous and highly photographed Ice Bubbles of Abraham Lake.

Lance Edwards-Hampton


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